When you first download the Palette App, it will prompt you to connect your mat to the Palette App in three steps.

        If you do not see the prompt, choose 'More' on the main menu and tap 'Connect to Palette.'

        If you want to connect to a different Palette, choose 'More' on the main menu and tap 'Connect Other Palette.'

        Make sure you turn off all Palette Mats.

        Tap 'Connect Palette' and turn on your Palette Mat immediately.

        Your mat will blink 3 times once it is connected successfully.

        To check which Palette Mat is connected, go to the Main Menu and view the gray Status bar on the top left.


You are all set to go! You can now start enjoying Palette!  If you have any issues, go back to the Main tab and select 'Feedback' to email us the issue or create a new support ticket.