Go to the 'Nutrition' menu and this is the summary page you will see.

Press the '+' button to get to the recipe screen.

Click on the 'Create Recipe' option on the bottom right.

Enter a name for your recipe and start adding ingredients.

For each ingredient, you will need to either weigh the ingredient with your mat, or click on the 1 oz button.  Change the serving size and enter the portion.

Different foods will have different serving size options.

Once you select your new serving size, you will be able to enter the number servings.  For example if you select the serving size "1 cup" and you put 2 as the number of serving sizes, you are entering 2 cups of green beans.  You will add each ingredient this way until you are done adding ingredients.  Save your progress by clicking Save in the top right corner.

Once you're finished cooking the dish, measure the final weight.  Some recipe lose or gain water during the cooking process.  The measuring the final weight will calculate the nutrition per weight accurately and conveniently.

When you select yes, you will be prompted to weigh the dish.  Once you press the "+" button, you're done!

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