Tracking with Palette is simple.


Palette is designed to track food data with a digital placemat.  There is also a food database that will help you track food that you do not eat at home.  With the Palette app, you can:

  • Automatically get nutrition content for foods
  • Scan barcodes of food products to add them to your meal
  • Save your recipes so that you can use them again
  • (coming soon!) Group function allows sharing food and recipes with your family and group 
  • Search the database for foods if you're eating out


Palette also tracks behavioral and physical data, like sleep, mood, and blood pressure.  Simply go to the "Physical" tab on the app, press the "+" symbol, and choose which one you want to enter.  We currently support:

  • Exercise
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Sleep
  • Mood

Soon Palette will be able to gather data from third-party devices such as continuous glucose monitors, wearable fitness trackers, and bluetooth blood glucose monitors.  Stay up to date by checking out our website!

Having Issues?  Contact the Palette Team by creating a new ticket or by emailing them.